Who We Are & What We Do

Mission & Vision

We welcome families of all races to learn about Black history in a positive, comprehensive and balanced way.


We make space for topical conversations with children, giving them the time and space to explore discussions in a pressure-free environment. 


Activities will be designed to help re-calibrate social and intellectual skills affected during the pandemic, while being safe and accessible through online interactive videos with animations, dialogue prompts, and printable worksheets to follow at home. 


The Black History School encourages children to explore and celebrate differences, while encouraging a supportive community network because Black History is more than just a month. 

Kids Reading Outdoor

Meet the Team

Our lovely presenters will be your teachers here at Black History School. You will come to love them as much as we do as they appear on your screens each month sharing the most interesting stories and facts about the diaspora. 








Lynda Moyo

As part of our Back to School series, we are excited to be collaborating with We Are Mixed Up and Lynda Moyo, founder of Mane of Your Own, the UK’s first afro hair podcast. Lynda Moyo will host our debut Masterclass, sharing her experiences on being mixed-race, hair care tips for kids, styling, protective styles and much more! The Masterclass will end with a Q&A session in the last 20 minutes.